Liz Palmer: Interview with Frankie Solarik the visionary behind BarChef

My recent interview with Frankie Solarik, a cutting-edge mixologist, leader on the global cocktail scene and owner of BarChef.  BarChef is located on Queen Street West, in the City of Toronto.

Frankie Solarik really needs no introduction, but for some newbies in the trade, Frankie is well-known in Canada and around the world as a pioneer of a progressive and contemporary approach to cocktails, he’s a mixologist not afraid to use frozen carbon dioxide blowtorches, and other tools when creating his cocktails.

Here is the link to my interview:

or can be found at @lizpalmer_  (Instagram)

Questions asked:

    Who is Frankie Solarik ?

    What the philosophy behind BarChef?

    How many Mixologists do you currently have on staff ?

    Can you tell us what cocktails are currently popular at BarChef ?

    You wrote and published the book (The Bar Chef a Modern Approach To Cocktails) – tell us the background of why you wrote this book and is there a followup edition?

    Let’s talk about bottled cocktails, the popularity of which is keep growing, how did you come to the idea of making your own bottled cocktails?

    And what are the key features that make BarChef bottled cocktails special?

    Can you tell us how you came up with Late Harvest Vesper and Toasted Old Fashioned?

    We heard about a new release from BarChef: Fall 2021 Collection. Tell us about seasonal bottled cocktails. And where can you purchase them?

“I can personally say that being “in person” at BarChef with Frankie Solarik and tasting the Late Harvest Vesper and Toasted Old Fashioned, was definitely worth the experience!”

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