Asahi Breweries launches a 1,000-person virtual bar in Japan tomorrow!


Tomorrow, Asahi Breweries is opening a 1,000 person ‘virtual bar’ in Japan.

Their flagship brand Asahi Super Dry will be leading event. The platform being used is Zoom and it will be hosted by well-known comedians and brand ambassadors. 1,000 consumers will be attending. Also, Zoom background designs featuring Asahi Super Dry are available for participants.

The company is planning four virtual bars over the coming weeks.

Virtual drinking and dining events have become popular since countries started social distancing measures. Asahi is attempting to leverage this growing trend on an ambitious scale.

Earlier this month, Japan extended its state of emergency from Tokyo and selected prefectures to the entire country. The government requested consumers to stay at home and not to visit venues including bars and restaurants.

Asahi, the beer market leader in the country, has responded quickly to the new situation, in order to continue to engage with consumers. Tomorrow’s inaugural event has been heavily promoted on its social media platforms.

According to GlobalData’s latest ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker Consumer Survey’, more than half of consumers from the 11 countries surveyed say that they are spending more time browsing social media. Indeed, some of them have been spending all day every day online since the outbreak of COVID-19. Digital marketing is now more important than ever, not only for brands in Japan, but also globally to connect with consumers.


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