Macy’s + Shoes + Champagne …. Macy’s Shoe Department gets a Champagne Bar


In the midst of an extensive $400 million overhaul of its Herald Square flagship, Macy’s may hit the perfect trifecta for shoe-obsessed New Yorkers: When it completes its second floor shoe department, it won’t just have 300,000 pairs of shoes, but a well-stocked Champagne bar, chocolate and coffee bar.

Currently, women’s shoes are sold on two separate floors, but the new space will create “The World’s Largest Shoe Floor,” the store says, with 39,000 square feet of selling space, and 24,000 square feet devoted to stockrooms. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Coach and Michael Kors will have their own shops, and “curated shoe closets inspired by New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods.” The remodeled area is scheduled to open in fall 2012.

Liz Palmer