Liz Palmer Selected as “Final Round Judge” for the 2024 Canadian Marketing Association’s CMA Awards

“I’m thrilled to be selected as a multi-disciplinary “Final Round Judge” for the Canadian Marketing Association’s CMA Awards this year + excited to review the best in #CanadianMarketing!”

The 2024 Canadian Marketing Association’s CMA Awards celebrate the pinnacle of marketing excellence, innovation, and creativity in Canada. This event recognizes outstanding achievements across various sectors, highlighting the strategies, campaigns, and individuals that set new benchmarks in the marketing industry. Entrants are evaluated on their ability to drive engagement, deliver exceptional results, and demonstrate thought leadership. Winning a CMA Award not only confers industry recognition but also reinforces a brand’s reputation for cutting-edge marketing practices. This year’s awards promise to showcase groundbreaking work that has transformed the marketing landscape, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the field.

Below is a list of the criteria, as well as the definitions for the disciplines and categories, for the CMA Awards.
A category refers to the campaign’s business sector; the categories include:Automotive, Business, Consumer Products & Services, Financial, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Retail/Consumer Business, and Social Causes.

A discipline reflects the type of campaign, the disciplines include: Brand Building, Business/Brand Impact, Customer Experience & Shopper Marketing, Engagement, Innovative Media, and Public Relations.

The Judging Process

First Round
The First Round is judged online by a panel of judges from across Canada. These judges evaluated the entries on Strategy, Creativity and Results, all equally weighted.

Second Round
In the Second Round, the Senior Judges and Multi Discipline Judges judge the top entries in the categories and disciplines. The scores from the two rounds are combined to determine gold, silver and bronze awards.

Best of the Best + Top Cause
The top entries from the Second Round are reviewed and the Best of the Best and Top Cause are awarded, making these awards truly representative of the best in Canadian marketing.

Interested in entering? Deadline to submit: July 19th: