Think Pink: It’s Spring – Let’s Talk Rosé

 Rosé season is back – YES!   When our boats get cleaned and launched, our gardens get attention, baseball returns and the BBQ season has started up, it’s time to uncork Rosé.

Rosé makes a surprisingly good food match. They are not wines to dwell over too long.  Qualities you should be looking for in good rosé are its crispness, freshness, fruitiness, and good balance.   How does Rosé get its colour? The distinctive pink hue comes from red grape skins being crushed and left in contact with the macerating white juice long enough to gently tint the wine, then removed. Countries that produce: France produces a third of the worlds rosé, the other two-thirds come from Italy, Spain, Chile, United States, Canada and China. 

Liz Palmer
Apprentissage Sommelier