Winston’s Champagne Bar – A Step Back In Time

Brian Gefter and Michael Satsky, club entrepreneurs, who cater to international clientele, recently opened Winston’s Champagne Bar. This elegant opulent champagne-only bar is located beneath the Gansevoort Park Hotel, New York.

The petite airy space evokes 1940s opulence with black reflective surfaces, Napoleonic wallpaper, bubble chandeliers, a yellow Schumann piano, and A cozy balcony which reached up a circular staircase.

Cocktail music from the 1940’s fills the air while you enjoy your Champagne sipping.

There are over 100 choices from 20 houses. Including the Grande Marque, there is also an emphasis on grower Champagnes, including: Billiot, Egly Ouriet and Jacques Selosse, and the finds by the glass prove to be a great adventure, including Godmé and Agrapart.

Men in dark, conservative attire. Some women in suits, lots with over plunging necklines, others slither about in reptilian-print leggings.

Timeless luxury! It’s for the jet-set crowd that’s already arrived.

Winston’s Champagne Bar
420 Park Avenue South (East 29th Street)
(212) 929-9070
Open daily from 5 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Liz Palmer