Vinexpo Study on Global Wine Consumption, Production and Trends – With Emphasis on China


Robert Beynat, Chief Executive of Vinexpo delivered results of the study “Current Trends in the International Wine and Spirits Market and Outlook to 2014” a few weeks ago at the Windsor Arms Hotel, Toronto, Canada, in which I was very happy to attend.

For the ninth year, the British firm IWSR (The International Wine and Spirit Research) has produced a detailed report on global consumption, production and international exchanges in the wine and spirits industry. The IWSR study has become a reference for industry professionals.

This year’s study covers 28 producer countries and 114 markets where wine and spirits are consumed and have also included an outlook to 2014. Since 1971, the IWSR database has provided the most detailed and precise information on the global alcoholic beverage market.

The study predicts that world wine consumption will have essentially risen by 8.60% over the 10 year term, 3.18% over the 2009-2014 period.



China first entered the top ten producing countries worldwide in 2007 and by 2010 had moved to 7th place with 115 million cases in 2010.

China’s production is expected to increase the most overall with up to 77% (128 million cases) between 2010 and 2014.


Total Chinese wine consumption reached 96.33 million 9-litre cases, equivalent to 1.156 billion bottles, in 2009, an increase of 104% compared to 2005.

Between 2010 and 2014, the VINEXPO study expects Chinese wine consumption to grow by a further 19.6%, reaching 127 million 9-litre cases by the end of the period. At that point, China will be the 6th largest wine consuming country in the world

Legal age per capita wine consumption in China is still only 1 litre per year. “When this level of consumption per inhabitant is compared with the per capita rates of the other top 10 large consumer countries, the extraordinary potential of the Chinese market becomes clear”, Robert Beynat, pointed out.

The study further mentions that the worldwide growth in consumption will be driven by three countries: US, China and Russia.

Wine Tends

The resurgence of Rose’ is forecast to increase 7.8% in the 2009-2014 period.

All price points globally are expected to grow. The largest growth is expected in the more than $10 category with an increase of 15.37% between 2009-2014. While wines between $5-$10 will grow by 9.25%.

Overall World Wine Consumption

Between 2009 and 2014, the VINEXPO /ISWR study forecasts a moderate increase in world wine consumption of 3.18 %, reaching 2.729 billion cases.

Liz Palmer
Wine and Travel Writer
Member of the CWW (UK)