What is Organic Wine ?


Organic wines are produced by using only organically grown grapes. There are strict rules that govern the winemaking process, such as hand-harvesting, the types of yeasts to be used during fermentation, abstaining from all chemical substances such as herbicides, fungicides and pesticides in the vineyard, and most importantly, not introducing additional sulfates into the winemaking process.

When selecting Organic wine, here is how you interpret the labels:

“100% Organic” means that the wines are produced with grapes that are certified 100 % organically grown and do not have any sulfur dioxide added.

“Organic” means that the wines are produced with a minimum of 95 % organic grapes – may have low level of sulfur dioxide added.

“Made with Organic grapes” refers to wines that have a minimum of 70 % organic grapes – may have sulfur dioxide added.

Liz Palmer
Wine and Travel Writer