A Master of Wine is a wine professional who has passed a number of rigorous exams, both oral and written, and without a doubt proven him/herself exceedingly knowledgeable about every aspect of the wine world.

It can take years, and for some even decades to prepare and pass the series of exams, administered by the Institute of the Masters of Wine.

This week 11 new Masters were added bringing the Institute’s membership to 300 with Masters of Wine resident in 23 different countries.

This is a small number considering that the first six Masters were awarded in 1953.

Lynne Sherriff MW, Chairman of the Institute said: ““We are delighted to welcome the 11 new Masters of Wine to our international community. I warmly and sincerely congratulate them on their amazing achievement and I am sure that each will be an excellent ambassador for wine and contribute to the continuing development of the Institute in the years ahead.”

The 11 new Masters of Wine, their nationality and country of residence are:
Michele Anderson MW (Australian living in USA)
Christy Canterbury MW (USA national and resident)
Sam Caporn MW (UK national and resident)
Mary Gorman-McAdams MW (Irish living in USA)
Andy Howard MW (UK national and resident)
Emma Jenkins MW (New Zealand national and resident)
Richard Kershaw MW (British living in South Africa)
Paul Liversedge MW (British living in Switzerland)
Caro Maurer MW (German national and resident)
Mai Tanaka MW (Japanese living in UK)
Clem Yates MW (UK national and resident).

In addition to those listed above, the first two new Masters of Wine in 2011 were announced in May, after completing their dissertations. They were:
Antony Moss MW (UK national and resident)
Dr. Liz Thach MW (USA national and resident).

Liz Palmer
Wine and Travel Writer
Twitter: Champagnehouses