Champagne Poem: Wild Fire Wine Of France


Oh, the wild-fire wine of France, 

Quick with fantasies florescent, 

Rapturously effervescent,
How its atoms leap and dance!

Floric fount of love and laughter, 

Where its emanations rise, 

All the difficulty dies,
From now and then hereafter.

Through the happy gold-n haze 

Time’s gray cheek if bright with dimples,

And his laugh more lightly wimples
Than the sea’s on summer days.

Tongue and throat it makes to tingle, 

Beats the blood from heart to vein, 

And ascending to the brain,
Bids the spirit forth and mingle

With a world no longer grim,
But serene and sweet and spacious 

Where the girls are fair and gracious,
And the Cupids light of limb.

Soul and sense are all untethered 

Who would an angel when 

Clement king of gods and men
He can soar so grandly feathered

With thy plumage, oh Champagne?
Bottled gladness, thou magician!
Silver beaded! mist Elysiaan! 

Ecstasy of sun and rain!

Swift and subtle, glad and glorious, 

Oh, the wild-fire wine of France!

How its atoms frisk and dance!
Over fate and time victorious.