2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé has been moved to a near-perfect 98 points


It’s always a big moment when a wine score is upgraded.   Originally rated by Antonio Galloni at a highly respectable 96 points, the 2000 Dom Pérignon Rosé has been moved to a near-perfect 98 points in a recent publication of the ‘Hedonist’s Gazette’ by Parker himself.

Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon  says: “2000 is a major vintage of Dom Pérignon Rosé, which allowed me to push and refine Dom Pérignon’s ideal. The main paradox is of course the ardent expression of the Pinot Noir: lively, facetious, vibrant—combined with the devotion to the assemblage. Finally the audacity of the Pinot Noir stands in stark contrast with the extreme classicism of the 2000 vintage.”

Tasting Notes:

Dom Perignon Rose Vintage 2000 disrupts the classicism of the millennium and reveals its daring side. This pivotal vintage is an interpretation of the millennium in rosé.

The  colour is deep and strong, glinting with amber and copper.

On the nose, the first floral notes immediately give way to black cherry and candied citrus peel, complemented by cocoa and smoky accents.

On the palate, the flawless construction achieves a perfect classicism on the palate, dominated by a sensation of balance, consistency and integration. The wine has a surprisingly brilliance and fleshy fruitiness. Its initial solidity becomes more tactile and finally sappy, with a subtly bittersweet note.

Liz Palmer