Fizz sector set for sparkling growth


TNS Global has recently announced that Champagne and sparkling wine could double their market share in the UK and the US, and quadruple growth in India and China within the next few years.

Having surveyed 39,000 people in 17 markets, TNS shows India and China as having the strongest growth.

The report showed that the combination of an increased spend among those already drinking sparkling wine with the many new drinkers in the developing world is presenting opportunities for sparkling wine producers.

Jan Hofmeyr, chief researcher into behaviour change at TNS, picked out a number of issues holding back more rapid growth in this category, saying: “While we can see a huge worldwide appetite to drink more sparkling wine and Champagne, most people are still held back by cost. These drinks are perceived as indulgences, enjoyed mainly on special occasions.”

However, he added: “The good news for winemakers is that people consider sparkling wines both taste better and offer greater enjoyment than other alcoholic drinks.”

As a result, Hofmeyr continued, “If affordable sparkling wines can be made more accessible, particularly in developing markets, and be positioned as a drink for celebrating life rather than only special occasions, the sector has a sparkling future.”

TNS also stated that consumers do not plan to increase their alcohol consumption overall, but rather that they want to drink sparkling wines more regularly.


Source: Drinks Business