Pacific Wines embraces bricks and mortar specializing in US Wines

The online retailer Pacific Wines has just announced plans to open an inaugural store in London at the end of August. The store will be located on Islington High Street and will exclusively offer wines from the US, including boutique labels from California and Oregon.

The business was set-up by former math teacher Rachel Gilbert and her father, Graham Gilbert. The father and daughter team have been successful with online sales for the past nine months, and after a recent trip to California, Rachel decided to move into exclusively US wine.

“Pacific Wines will boast a range of wines from California, with Napa and Sonoma well represented, including Napa Cellars and DeLoach Vineyards, as well as some lesser-known wineries such as Keep Wines and Field Recordings” States Rachel Gilbert and Graham Gilbert

There will also be a wide selection of labels from Oregon, giving wine drinkers a chance to discover some of the state’s excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

In addition to listing over 150 different wines, the US-inspired store will also offer an events space at the back which can hold up to 30 people.

“This is a very exciting time for us. We are the first UK retailer to focus exclusively on North American wines and I’m very excited to share my passion for wines from the area with others,” said co-founder Rachel Gilbert.

“Lockdown gave us the opportunity to set up Pacific Wines online and start to develop our range of wines, and living locally, I had my heart set on opening a store in Islington. When this store became available, I knew the time was right.” #pacificwinesuk #americanwine #californiawine #winelovers
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